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We are fully committed to the ICCRC immigration protocols to the letter. As a federally registered organization in Canada, ACTLAP also works with other certified associates and institutions in Canada to satisfy her clients in all their desires. As a testimony,

our team of experienced professionals holds a high level of integrity in this field and they have all being certified professionally. We can proudly say that many of our clients has genuinely visited Canada over the past years.

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Since 1999 we have
ACTLAP Immigration Canada

ACTLAP Immigration Canada – This arm of ACTLAP is a consultative service that facilitates general immigration services for interested individuals to Canada. ACTLAP works with registered agencies under the directives of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to promote immigration services in Canada according to the Canadian government policies and immigration Act of Canada.

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To educate individuals through our free seminar programs To direct individuals through the Canadian government process in obtaining a visa.


To assist as many that want to visit Canada in Africa secure the genuine means of visiting Canada.


• Canada Immigration Seminar • Canada Education & Immigration Expo • Canada Immigration Workshop

A Brief On Canadian Immigration

Canada is an interesting place to be. The country is the largest in the western hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. Located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean in the east and to the Pacific Ocean in the west. Having Ottawa as federal capital, Canada sits on a total of 9,985,670 km2 with English and French as official languages. The abundant natural resources and the beautiful glamour of nature attract people to this Canada every day. The Canadian government exercises zero tolerance on irregularities in immigration process. This zero tolerance is a true commitment of the High Commission of Canada to every statutory procedures, processes, documentations, interviews and history of all intending visitors as applicable. No agency can in any form act as an issuance of visas to Canada. Visas to Canada are ONLY determined by the Canadian High Commissioner.

ACTLAP understand these processes and the procedures required in visiting Canada for temporary visit, permanent stay, studies, work, investment, relocation or for tourism. To this end, we ensure that during our outreach programmes we enlighten individuals on these protocols and our clients are true testimony of our commitment and loyalty to the federal government of Canada.

There are program designed by the government of Canada to assist skilled visitor who are interested in visiting Canada from any part of the world; the PNP, provincial nomination program is one of such

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